Cancer Council NSW: Seven Bridges Walk

Taking big steps on the greatest walk of all

Every year, Cancer Council NSW puts on one of Sydney’s greatest charity events: the 7 Bridges Walk.

It’s a 27km walk to be completed in one day, crossing the seven bridges spanning Sydney Harbour. Every dollar raised helps Cancer Council prevent, treat and fund research against cancer.

We were given the honour of branding the walk, so here’s what we did.


Dress us up

Team A/W (yes, even Stu) will be doing the 7 Bridges Walk on 28 October, but we can’t agree on what to wear. So we invite you to cast your vote and dress us up.


Join us

If you’re free on 28 October, why not join us on the walk? It’s a gorgeous day out for a great cause, even if it is 40,000 steps. Drop us an email if you’re keen.



If you’d like to help fund life-saving cancer research and provide support for people whose lives have been touched by cancer, please donate on our team page.


The number seven is made up of seven shapes, which can break apart to form the seven bridges of the walk. Here’s how it rolled out across the rest of the project.


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