Customer wins with Uno but loses by spending savings on a kayak in ad targeting big bank costs

by Zoe Samios / Mumbrella

A man end up stranded at sea after a series of ‘good’ decisions leaves him with enough money to treat himself to a kayak in a new ad for Uno Home Loans from Archibald Williams

The ad features NIDA-trained actor Guy Edmonds explaining how he “used to make great decisions” and would “never turn down a better deal”.

But after a series of money-saving decisions, the ad cuts to him chatting to a seagull in the middle of the ocean about how he couldn’t say ‘no’ to the Uno Home Loans proposition once he discovered their algorithm and expert offering.

He then quietly asks himself why he bought a kayak with the savings.

The fintech company, which is majority owned by Westpac, launched in October last year.

Kirsty Davison, chief product and marketing officer for Uno said: “It was key for us to show how Uno’s technology, paired with the advice of our experts can help someone get a better deal on their home loan.

Matt Gilmour, executive creative director at Archibald Williams, said: “We took a comedic approach that you wouldn’t normally see from a financial services business to show how Uno makes the right decision easy when it comes to your home loan – even if you don’t make the right ones later.”

Andy Reynolds