A decade of growth all over the globe.

In more than ten years of partnership, there isn’t much we haven’t done for Citi.

From brand strategy and advertising to acquisition and retention, we’ve delivered consistent growth in multiple global markets.

We created Citi Australia’s first brand campaign.

Citi wanted to show Australians how they’re here to help them grow and progress in all aspects of life.

So, we created a campaign that showed people who were pushing the brand new world to achieve more than ever before.


The campaign was fully integrated...

Comprising of various digital and OOH executions, as well as a rousing 30-second TVC.

We’ve run several successful product launches for Citi Australia, too.

From easy payment plans to easier ways to pay, we’ve helped Citi launch a range of new financial services here in Australia, utilising every available channel, from TVCs and social films, to digital and OOH.


End-to-end user journeys for any market.

When Citi are looking to launch a new financial product either here in Australia or in one of their Asian markets, they look to us create one consistent message that can permeate every consumer touchpoint from owned assets, through to campaign creative.

We sweat the small stuff as much, if not more, than the big stuff. It’s all part of our deeply held belief that ‘Brand is everything. Everything is brand’.

Setting the tone.

From migration and retention for existing customers and acquisition campaigns for new ones, we’ve maintained the consistency of Citi’s tone of voice in the APAC market for the best part of a decade.


Our belief at work.

We've delivered over 20 brand campaigns, countless launches of new products, migrated over 100 million clients and developed more personas, journeys, aquisition and retention campaigns than we can think of. No one knows Citi like AW